Heretical Facts

The purpose of this site is to serve as a repository of true statements that are heretical.


  1. In 2020, over 56% of known murder offenders in the US were black, while blacks make up only 13.6% of the US population.[1][2]
  2. In 2019, over 91% of murder suspects and arrestees in NYC were black or Hispanic, while blacks and Hispanics make up only 53% of NYC’s population.[3]
  3. The sons of black families from the top 1 percent of household income have about the same chance of being incarcerated as the sons of white families earning $36,000 (~34th percentile).[4]
  4. There is a gap of approximately one standard deviation (~15 points) between American blacks and whites on average IQ test results.[5][6]
  5. There is only one black nobel laureate in Economics, and none in the hard sciences. All other black nobel laureates (16 people, or about 1.6% of all laureates) are in Literature and Peace.[7]
  6. The traffic light, peanut butter, gas masks, and many others were not actually invented by black people.[8]
  7. Races are genetically distinct, and a genetic clustering algorithm will output clusters that align with ordinary racial categories.[9][10][11]
  8. There is more genetic variation within dog breeds than between dog breeds.[12]
  9. As more and more loci are considered, the probability that two random people from two geographically distant populations (Europeans, Africans, Asians) will be more genetically similar than two random people from the same population becomes virtually zero.[13]


  1. 97% of millenials who graduate highschool, maintain a full-time job, and don’t have children before marriage do not end up below the federal poverty line later in life.[14]
  2. 79% of millenials who do none of the above three end up below the poverty line.[15]
  3. 90% of millenials who do end up below the federal poverty line fail to do at least one of the above three.[16]


  1. Men are far more likely to be victims of homicide than women (worldwide, 79% of homicide victims are male, in the US 82% are male).[17]
  2. About 60-70% of homeless people are men.[18][19]
  3. 96.43% (703 out of 729) of nobel laureates in the Sciences are male.[20]
  4. 97.99% (2002 out of 2043) of chess grandmasters are male, and 96.97% (642 out of 662) of grandmaster titles since 2010 were awarded to men.[21]


  1. In the developed world, adult differences in intelligence are best explained by genetic differences among individuals.[22][23]


  1. Immigrants constitute 73% of murder suspects, 70% of robbery suspects, and 58% of suspects for all crimes in Sweden.[24]

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